A Name Badge For A Doctor

 Health practitioners wear name badges to bypass introductions. It is not their intention to be impolite but because of the urgency of the situation. There are times when they themselves forget the introductions.

Doctors are one of the busiest health practitioners. They are around people most of the time whether healthy or ill. Doctors move fast, hopping from one patient to another. Their minds are always on the alert, examining and diagnosing each patient. Sometimes, introductions are forgotten because of the emergency. This is the reason doctors wear name badges. Employee name badges contain the name of the employee and his job position. Sometimes, the name and logo of the company are also included. The doctors’ name badges also contain the complete name of the doctor and instead of a job position, his field of specialty is written on the name badges. Sometimes, the name of the hospital is also written on the name badges.

There are doctors who prefer to introduce themselves to the patients. They say it is more warm and comforting to the patient. Maybe, it is more humane to look into the eyes of the patient and shake his hand, that is, if he is not in extreme pain. If the doctors are making their rounds among their patients, personal introductions are fine. In cases of emergency, even if the doctor introduced himself, the patient cannot remember the name of the doctor because of the stress and pain he is experiencing. Name badges can lessen the worry of the patient. It can remind him of the name of the doctor.

One of the issues the doctors are discussing is where to place the name badges. Should it be pinned on the chest or on the waist? Some say it should be on the chest where it is traditionally placed. But it is also practical to place it on the waist because some patients are lying down and can see the name badges more clearly. Wherever the doctors place their name badges, they can rely on it to carry their names and their expertise. Name badges are signs of their professionalism and intelligence.

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