A Nurse Is Not Complete Without A Name Badge

Nurse name badges

Without a name badge, the nurse’s uniform is not complete. The name badge is more than a way to display the name of the nurse. What does a nurse name badges represent? The duties and responsibilities of a nurse will tell us.

There are various types of nurse name badges and their duties and responsibilities vary according to their type. According to their designation, a senior nurse plans the work schedule and assigns duties to the nursing staff. A head nurse ensures the training of the junior nurses and sees to it the records of the patient are properly maintained.

Nurses also vary according to their specialization. Specialization can be based on

  • The type of treatment,
  • specific organ system and certain diseases.
  • The duties of the nurses depend on the type of specialization.

No matter what is the designation or specialization of a nurse their primary concern will always be the same. It is to care for the welfare of the patient and to provide emotional support. They also administer medicines as prescribed by the doctor. They monitor and track the patient’s vital signs and record the progress into the report. They also guide the patient and their families regarding medical care at home once the patient is discharged.

The nurse name badges on the nurse’s uniform represents all the skills and abilities a nurse have to possess to perform all the duties and responsibilities required. The name badge stands for the education and training a nurse had undergone to achieve this status.

More than being a symbol, the hostpital badges has other attributes. The principal obligation of a nurse is with the patient. The name badge takes away the introductory part of the relationship. Immediately, the patient and nurse are on first name basis and a friendly bond is established. The name badge helps the nurse to move around the facility and will be easily identified by the patients. When there is an emergency, people are under stress and have no time to ask each other’s name. The name badge offers solution to that situation.

The name badges symbolizes that the nurse is part of the medical profession, a profession that centers on service to other people. The magnetic badges implies the holder is compassionate, empathetic and has a desire to help people. A nurse has good communications skills, tactful and understanding. Certainly, the hospital badges is more than part of a uniform.