Things You Didn’t Know About Acrylic Name Badges

Acrylic Name Badges1Before discussing acrylic name badges, let me define acrylic first. Acrylic is a clear plastic that resembles glass. However it is lighter than glass and much more durable. It is virtually impact resistant and much safer because unless force is exerted, it does not shatter. There are two predominantly used acrylic name badges available in the market.

Generally, this type of name badge may either come as clear acrylic name badge with an insert or acrylic dome name badge. A clear acrylic name badge with a printed insert is a durable and multi use option that may be used for different occasions. This type of acrylic name badge enables the buyer to change the card insert or name label as he pleases while retaining the original badge holder.

Depending on what he wishes to use, the card insert may either be printed through offset litho printing which gives sharp and uncompromising coloured images or, a good quality office laser colour printer. Although off set litho printing produces the best quality images, take note that it becomes more expensive especially if many colours are used. It is not economical to use for single or small quantity card inserts because additional colours mean extra charges for added printing plate costs.

Another popular type of acrylic name badge is the one using clear acrylic doming. An acrylic doming or layer is permanently placed on top of a custom made name badge. Because acrylic is considered as the clearest material known, it gives the badge a very professional looking and high gloss finish. Unlike the other type, the label of the name badge is permanently affixed and cannot be replaced. What are the drawbacks in using acrylic name badge?

Although acrylic is lighter than glass, it is still considerably heavier and denser than other types of plastics and materials used to make name badges. Others are put off by its tendency to drag down flimsy clothing. However, this particular problem is easily solved by using an appropriate name badge fastener. The best options are either to use a lanyard or a magnetic fastening. Regardless of its weight, an acrylic name badge is becoming increasingly popular because of its durability without trading off its presentation.

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