Air Force Name Badges

Guess what completes a full Air Force uniform? It is not the cap, nor is it the boots. Yes, it is the Air Force Name Badge. There are six types of military name badges created for specific recipients of the military. One of these badges is the Air Force Name Badge. As the name suggests, Air Force Name Badges are name tags worn by Air Force men and women not just for identification and security but also as a symbol or insignia of honor, authority and distinction.

Air Force Name Badges typically contain the surnames (as this is how they usually address each other), and occasionally the rank or designation of the Air Force members. Since Air Force Badges are military badges, there are specific rules and guidelines as to how when and where they should be worn and how they should look like. It is very much important that you purchase your Air Force Name Badges from suppliers who are aware and compliant with these military procedures so as not to waste the time and money that you will spend on the Air Force Badges. In terms of size, Air Force Name Badges are 2×4 inches in standard size and are rectangular in shape. They can be made of metal, brushed steel or plastic, or even leather.

Air Force Name Badges are sometimes monogrammed or embroidered with Velcro fasteners that may be attached using a hook or sewn into the uniform. They may also feature a clutch-type clip particular to the ultramarine (printed with white block letters) Air Force Name Badges that are worn with the popular blue Air Force uniform made metal in satin finish. The texts for this type of Air Force Name Badge are engraved with blue letters. Air Force Name Badges for battle dress uniform, on the other hand, must complement the color of the camouflage uniform.

With regard to placement in the Air Force uniform, Air Force Name Badges must be pinned at the center but not over the edge of the right chest pocket for men and at the center on the right side, 1 1/2 inches above or below the first button for women. An Air Force member can wear only a maximum of two Air Force Name Badges where the badge representing the current career field is worn above the other.