Airline Cabin Crew Name Badges

Did you know that the first “stewardess” first flew sometime in the 1930’s? It was a multi-stop flight from Oakland to Chicago. They were registered nurses, female and unmarried. They also have to resign when they reach the age of 35. These qualifications were later changed due to the passing of anti-discrimination laws, which gave a chance to all applicants regardless of gender, age and marital status.

Many may think that an air cabin crew is a glamorous job; flying all over the country or the world, experiencing various cultures and seeing plenty of beautiful places. You have to wear a fancy uniform, a shiny name badge and look smart. But being a cabin crew is more than that. You have to attend to the passengers, serving them refreshments and looking after their safety. Not all people enjoy travelling by airplane. Some are horrified to take a chance. Since the cabin crew spends the most time with the passengers, it is part of their responsibility to provide comfort during the flight. This is one reason why the first stewards are female. The presence of a woman helps ease the anxiety of air travel, a well- groomed lady in a smart uniform with a name badge.

The name badge adds relief to the worry of the passenger. Being on the first name basis makes you feel relax and calm. The name badge, in a way, invites the passenger to express his concerns and needs to the cabin crew. As part of the uniform, the name badge endorses the expertise of the cabin crew.

They are not just attendants, they are safety experts. They are trained to implement procedures that will keep the passengers from injury during the flight. In case of emergencies, they are educated with the necessary knowledge to overcome whatever situation may arise.

The name badge implies the trustworthiness of the cabin crew. Well trained on safety, the air cabin crew is also a gracious host. They assist the passengers from the moment they board the plane until they get off. They operate the audio and video programming and answer the passengers’ inquiries. . Delivering excellent service makes the cabin crew the “face” of the airlines. The name badge gives the ‘face” a name.