Upgrading ID Name Badges to Reinforce Security

Your business is your second home. It shelters vital and sensitive information of your business, including documented mutual agreements, account receivables, tax records, up to your employees’ social insurances. It also houses an integral part of your business; its Identity on the colossal, competitive marketplace. When your security is weak, your business is naked and vulnerable. It cannot protect itself from attacks of its competitors, from robbers, or any perpetrator.

Increasing the security of your offices should be your business’ top priority whether you are a multinational, a medium-sized business, or a new comer on your industry. There is no way intruders can break in your premises and take valuable assets from you. Corporate files’ significance varies from the least to that of which you can consider as your business’ foundation. There are various ways of reinforcing the security of your business.

You can start with thorough monitoring who goes in and out of your offices, ID Name badges is an effective and inexpensive security solution. ID badges contain employee information like their name, designation, and departments they are in. Photos are incorporated to further ensure the real badge owner is the one using it. Even non-profit organizations and educational institutions use badges for security enhancements.

Complex layouts and materials of name badges make illegal reproduction of badges impossible. One example is a hologram making three-dimensional images of your business on photographic projection. Copiers and basic printers used in making fake ID badges produce two-dimensional images only, thus making it difficult to forge them. Only special, extremely expensive printers tailored to Hologram-layered ID Badge printing can reproduce badges exactly like the original ones. ID badges extend its functionality to limiting or expanding your employees’ access to offices, as well as confidential files.

Real time report of your people’s whereabouts is another incredible feature. Now you can monitor the efficiency of your employees through this exceptional technology. To top it all off, hands-free operations (an example is a hands-free door access) using access control applications are supplementary to the security solution. Such promote convenience and accessibility, as well as increased productivity of your employees.

Amazed on what ID badges can offer you? It surely is an exceptional solution bringing in a number of enhancements to a corporate security. Small badges create brilliant security reinforcements. So yes, size doesn’t matter.