Animal Name Badges

Do you still remember the very day you laid your eyes on your very first pet? It was your seventh birthday and your dad has surprised you by granting your wish for a dog. After giving your dad his well-deserved hug and thank you, you went about the busy task of coming up with a name for your beagle. You then decided that you will call her Bertha. You were so excited to introduce Bertha, the beagle, to your friends that you plastered one of your birthday name badges on her collar.

There are a thousand and one or more uses for name badges. It is used primarily as identification in offices and schools. Similarly, a man’s best friend also needs identification and thus, animal name badges happened to be. Animal name badges are often seen worn by canines, felines and all other animals that are kept as house pets. This is often used to identify the animals as belong to a certain family in the neighborhood.

There are many places where it is mandatory for a dog to wear a collar with an identification tag or animal name badge attached. It is required that the animal name badge, also referred to as a dog tag, contains specifics about the dog such as the name of the owner, his address, and contact numbers. Stamped also on the name badge are the dog’s vaccination and license tags together with the veterinarian’s name and phone number. The information on the name badge for animals helps in locating the dog in case it gets lost. It is recommended that the information on your dog’s name badge is updated whenever you travel with your pet.

With many owners wanting to give their pets identification, name badge suppliers are all over the internet offering a wide range of animal name badges. Pet owners can choose from various name badge materials such as pewter, stainless steel, or brass. Others may go for the high-polished zinc alloy with hard resin enamel surface for durability and long use.

The many animal badges offered on the internet come in different shapes and sizes and are fitted with either chain or magnetic fixing. While most comes with little space to accommodate several lines of information that are often required for most animals (i.e. dogs and cats), name badge suppliers provide flexibility to their customers by making available custom name badges.

Animal badges are also seen used in zoos and animal shelters to enable visitor to address the animals (i.e. orangutans, lions, tigers, etc.) by their names.