Athletes Need to Wear Sport Name Badges ?

In school activities, especially in sports, students are usually grouped by their level or by their teams. Sometimes, it is hard for sports officials to identify players especially if they are not from the school or just visiting. Of course, there is always the name and number in the back of their uniforms. But what if they are wearing civilian clothes or other casual wear? For easier identification, consider giving each of them a name badge.

A sport name badge can identify who is who during the game. Sport name badges can be permanent or temporary depending on how you might use it. One thing for example is having guest officials. Having some blank name badges can be of help so that the players can identify them. This can either be a sticker or paper name badge slipped on an acetate name badge holder. Your guests may hand it back to you or not, but rest assured that those will serve as a promotional tool for your school or team.

Another kind of sport name badges is for coaches and staff. This is worn in a lanyard, or pinned in the shirt or jacket. This can be made out of plastic, vinyl or any other kinds of materials that can tolerate the sports environment. This sport name badges are used during trainings, school activities or competitions. This is to ensure the identification of the coach and his staff.

For players, an adhesive name badge can be used as temporary identification cards during a game if they do not wear their uniforms. Fabric name badges can be considered as a sport name badge, too. This is because of the player’s uniform. A player’s uniform has a number and last name at the back of the shirt. This is made out of fabric for its permanent use for the game. This kind of sport name badges is seen in football, basketball, soccer, hockey and more.

Sports name badges can be designed using the sport symbol or your team’s official logo. It is always recommended to design a simple yet visible name badge. The design should live up your team’s reputation and capability. It will serve as your mark in every game. However, be sure to choose a design that can be made by the available name badge companies.

If you are planning to get some for your team, check your market for name badge companies that are willing to customize your sport name badge and remember to buy in bulk order for a discount.