Badge Making Machines

If you are in the business of making name badges for a living (or if you are contemplating whether to go into the badge making business), then you must probably be looking for badge making machines that will give you the best quality output for the less cost both in terms of investment and operation. You are reading just the right article for we are about to tell you all the details on the different badge making machines that are available in the market in order to give you a better idea which of these badge making machines suit your preference and deliver all your business needs.

The first badge making machine that we are to discuss is the laminator badge making machine. The laminator machine is basically a badge making machine with two heated rollers that seal or laminate plastic pouches together with a printed piece of paper or your actual name badge.

Using this badge making machine is very simple and easy. Before using the equipment, you have to insert the name tag (usually made of paper or specialty board) that is printed with the required content and information into a plastic pouch which will be made to pass through the heated rollers of the laminator machine. After which, the plastic pouch with the printed paper on it will come out of the heated rollers as your ready-made name badge!

You have to note that this badge making machine is easy to set up, convenient to use, and multipurpose as you can also use it to laminate other documents aside from name badges. Laminator machines are also not very big in size making them very handy and portable that you can carry them almost anywhere to be used whenever you need it.

There are also a variety of laminator machines that you can choose from. Laminator machines differ by the heat-up speed and by capacity so you have to determine first the quantity of name badges that you will produce and how fast and how often you need them before matching it with the appropriate laminator.

As a badge making machine, laminator machines are also inexpensive compared with other badge making machines at an average of only £100 per equipment.

The next badge making machine is the plastic card printer. As the name suggests, this badge making machine prints name badges on plastic cards. There is no need for lamination and plastic pouches. The plastic card printer is already capable of printing your required content directly onto the plastic cards.

This badge making machine also has different types. There are rewritable plastic card printers which are made of a special material that can print and erase the print on the plastic at a certain temperature. There are also magnetic strip encoder printers which are plastic card printers that encode additional information on a magnetic strip at the back of the plastic card.

The newest type of plastic card printer would be the touchless smart card encoder which uses the touchless smart card technology that does not require swiping the card for the card reader to detect information and enable access. So if you need these features on your name badges (or if you plan to offer name badges with these features to your clients), then this is the right badge making machine for you! You just have to prepare an average of £1,000 to buy one.

So, have you decided yet which badge making machine to buy?