Badge Making Supplies

Badges have been known to be effective tools for advertising. You can promote a business, a slogan, a cause and more. Other than that, badges are also used as fashion statements today.

If you are interested in badge making, there are some materials that you may need. These badge making supplies will depend upon your preference. Badges can be made from various materials and it will be your choice to choose which one suits you. Clubs and small groups usually use button or acetate badges to promote their cause or slogan.

Acetate badges may need lanyards and badge holders. These badge making supplies are easily purchased in stores. Badge making supplies are found in any local market, in the mall stalls or even online.

Purchase your own badge maker machine. This is a cost-effective investment. If you don’t have any idea about badge maker machines, here are some points to consider. First off, decide how to use the badge maker. For temporary use or one-time use only, buy a badge making machine that costs less. Machines in this price range are typically manual-operated. For long-term projects, it is smart to buy a semi-automatic badge maker. Its cost is a little expensive but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Next thing you need to do is canvas prices from different badge making supplies stores or factories. Comparing their prices will help you save more. Always make sure that the machine will be easy for you to use and fits your needs.

The badge making machine comes with a starter kit. The starter kit consists of instructions on how to make a basic badge button, plastic or metal discs, pins, cutters and moulds. You will not have any difficulty if you follow the instructions well.

However, if you want to make another type, you can easily buy their badge making supplies like key chains, patches for embroidery, mirror parts, magnets, lanyards and badge reels. These are sold in packages or sets. One set is good enough if you’re only making few badges. If you need more, you can opt to buy a refill set. Other badge making supplies can be bought from these stores, too.