Badge Master

If you are working on a tight schedule to meet your company’s requirement for a name badge, it would be best to find a badge master. A badge master may be an individual or a company who displays mastery in the design and creation of a badge. The expertise of a badge master should encompass both simple and complex name badge requirements; beginning from a basic nameplate design to the more complex and feature-laden company name badges.

You may be asking yourself the question – where do I find a badge master? One of the nicest things about the internet is that you don’t need to step out the door to find what you are looking for. Having said this, the answer to your question is quite simple and is just a few clicks away with your mouse. Using your preferred search engine, Yahoo or Google, you can type “badge master” on the search window and hit “Search”. Your screen will be flooded with so many name badge suppliers who claim to be badge masters.

In determining an excellent badge master, you have to follow a simple checklist. To make your task simple, I have enumerated a list that you may want to go over in your quest in finding the right badge master or name badge supplier for your company.

•Provides design flexibility

Your choice of a badge master should offer you design flexibility in the sense that you are not limited as to how your name badge should look like. A badge master should not have any problem following your design requirements. In fact, a good choice of a badge master is one who offers you samples of past work and gives expert opinions on how to further improve your name badge design. Most badge masters have an in-house name badge designer to help conceptualize more unique custom name badges.

•Offers a wide range of products

You may need just company name badges today; but what if, come tomorrow, you will require a matching lanyard, or a customised badge reel, or even a reusable name badge? Selecting a badge master that will be able to offer these other services would be ideal. Your choice should be able to cover the many name badge requirements that your company needs today and in the unforeseeable future.

•Provides various printing options

Colour will add life to any name badge design. A good choice of badge master is one who offers both pantone and full colour printing. Your chosen name badge supplier should likewise have advanced card printers for high quality prints that do not fade.

•High quality

A good badge master provides name badges made of high quality materials regardless of whether it is PVC, pewter, or metal. Check for scratch-proof samples and quality fixings that would ensure that that name badge will not peel off prematurely during an event.


Name badges should be effective and at the same time will not break the bank.

•Fast Delivery

Select a badge master that offers fast delivery without sacrificing quality. We don’t know when we will face another name badge emergency.