Badge Reel

Are you familiar with badge reels? Do you want to know about their benefits, uses and importance? Then you have to read on for you to learn everything you need to know about this functional name badge accessory.

First of all, badge reels are becoming very popular badge holders for your name badges. It is helpful for all those business people who have to use an ID card that needs to be run through a scanner for identity verification. Badge reels eliminate the need for them to remove their ID cards from their ID holders because all they need to do is to pull their ID cards out because badge reels are retractable. This saves them time and a whole lot of effort daily.

Second of all, badge reels are very convenient for nurses. Since nurses are required to use their name badges at all times (i.e. to have access to hospital rooms and equipment), using lanyards and clips as badge holders makes it hard for them to perform efficiently and well during their work. Retractable badge reels make it easier for them to do just that. Badge reels can extend up to 30 inches away from the wearer which enables for a more convenient swiping.

Lastly, badge reels come in various types, colors, shapes and sizes. Unlike lanyards which are already very common, badge reels are fashionable and trendy. Badge reels are generally small to be attached to your shirt pocket or belt clip. Then you can just forget that you are wearing an ID or badge reel at all. Some of the most popular types of badge reels are:
1) the no-twist badge reels which prevent your name badge from getting twisted around;
2) the round badge-reels which you can customize with your company’s colors and emblems;
3) the square badge reels which resemble the round badge reels (except for being square) and typically have a cord that is 34 inches or longer;
4) the Logoreel badge reel which have an imprint area that is 150% larger than the regular badge reels and can be attached to a lanyard or belt clip;
5) the carabiner and durable badge reels which can be attached using a lanyard or a belt clip and customized using different styles of cords, chain-links, nylon, and steel wire; and,
6) key reels and sports clips.

To summarize, badge reels are everything that you need in a name badge holder. They are beneficial, useful and important in making sure that your name badges are just in the right place whenever you need them.