Band Name Badges

A band can be a school band, a marching band or a rock band. I am referring to rock bands. Music is considered to be an expression of our deepest thoughts. It has affected our lives, our culture and our society. Bands from different music genre have been a great influence to every one of us. However, if a band is popular, it only means one thing; that band has a lot of fans.

The music company that manages the band produces promotional items as giveaways in concerts. These items can be shirts, jackets, caps, pens, posters but most of all, the band name badges. For centuries, promotional name badges have been around and passed from generation to generation.

The band name badge is a promotional name badge. These badges can be bought from stores that sell a particular band’s official merchandise. Band name badges are considered to be collectible items especially if it is a limited edition badge. It can be made from different raw materials depending on the band’s budget.

The usual band name badges are mass produced in pin, enamel or metal engraved badges. LED name badges are now in trend for concerts but this has to be purchased at the band’s merchandise booth.

According to some fanatics and serious music collectors, vintage band name badges are rare and usually found at auctions which we can assume to be pricey. However, for aspiring collectors, a band name badge pin is a good item to start with. This one’s printed digitally and sold in music stores as a souvenir or accessory for a cheap price.

Enamel and engraved name badges might be a little expensive because of the materials used but the favorite of collectors. This type of band name badge is sought after because of its durability, size and maintenance. It is very easy to store which gives the collectors more room for other items. It can last for several years as long as it is maintained regularly.

These band name badges are specifically made for band members and staff only but produced in a limited number to sell to the public. These badges are seldom seen today because of technology’s rapid development which paved way for LED name badges.

With a bright scrolling or stationary text of the band’s name in the dark, people will most likely notice these badges and crave one for them. Band collectors would definitely get one.

Band name badges, sad to say, are replicated easily. Because of this, some fans would buy the replicas for a lesser amount. If you want an original band name badge, be sure to buy from the band’s official merchandise store.