Bank Name Badges

People go to the banks to entrust their money and possibly, to invest in the other products of the banks. Banks are one of the highly respected and trusted institutions and all their staff looks professional and formal. Anybody is easily intimidated by their all business image. To contradict this image, banks require their staff to wear name badges. Banks need bank name badges staff because of the nature of their business. Handling money is serious business and anyone at any time could easily be tempted to do a dishonest act. Banks hire professional staff to ensure the safe handling of money. The staff also has to serve customers of the bank and their attitude towards them will determine the continuous support or departure of the customer for other banks.

It is part of the image of the bank and the staff to look professional and formal. This is to gain the trust and confidence of the customers. But the bank must also have the goodwill of the customers so that they will continue to come back to the bank. To earn good relations with the customers, banks oblige their staff to wear name badges. Name badges used in banks have many purposes. First and foremost, is to make customers feel at ease. Customers trust the bank and staff wearing name badges, gives the bank a face and a name. Customers like to deal with staff they know. The name badges introduces the staff to customers hence the start of a good relationship.

Aside for customer service purposes, name badges have internal functions as well. With money as the prime commodity of banks, security measures have to be strict. Strangers cannot enter the bank premises and roam around. Even if the staff of the bank has uniforms, special name badges are used to monitor all people who enter the bank, whether staff, officers or visitors. The photo of the staff is included in the name badges for proper identification.

The name badges even have magnetic strips which serve as an added security measure for banks. The name badges are swiped in machines to report the attendance of the staff as well as to enable the staff to gain access in certain restricted areas of the bank. Name badges are also used in the simplest manner in banks. Banks have a large number of populations and it is difficult to remember everyone’s names. With everybody wearing name badges, managers, officers and staff of the bank can easily identify each other. This will help foster camaraderie in the bank. Name badges are simple and basic and yet they play a vital role in banks. Name badges help build relationships and safeguard the premises of the banks.

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