How Big Name Badges To Boost Your Business

If you are in search for Big Name Badges that would leave a really big impression of yourself or of your company, stop right here. You must have already googled a number websites selling name badges yet remain undecided as to where to get your name badges from. This time around, you happened to have clicked the right link as this article contains information that would help you decide in choosing the best partner to produce your big badges that would leave the biggest impression on your valued clients.

There are many reasons why companies decide on using big name badges. Aside from giving out a really big impression of your company, you may also want to consider the following when choosing a supplier for your big name badges.


a typical name badge contains an employee name, his position, and the company logo. As companies form alliances for a broader client base, having this alliances printed on the employee’s name badge becomes a necessity. This would however require more space on the actual name badge. Big name badges have more room for design flexibility. As an added feature, big name badges can accommodate space for a photo to make it more personal.

Full Color Printing of Logos and Text

aside from making big name badges very eye-catching, having the option for full color printing of name badges would ensure that the big name badge would be able to reflect the same color motif as that of the company. Have you ever seen a Kellogg’s logo printed in blue? For easier recognition, there should be consistency on how a company’s logo is represented, much more so when it’s printed on a big name badge.

Background Color

options for different background colors should be available for a better visual effect.

Availability of Fittings

fittings for name badges normally come in the form of a brooch, a combination clip, or magnetic fittings. Brooch fittings are commonly used on name badges whereas magnetic fittings are widely preferred regardless of its cost as they eliminate damage to a shirt or clothing and attaches to almost anything.


big name badges for it to be cost-effective have to withstand long use. It is important that the name badges are both scratch and fade-proof to maintain its professional look as well as its readability.

Fast Delivery

production time for big badges should be at a minimum without sacrificing the quality of the big badges.


the fees charged in the production of the big badges should be well worth the price. Some companies offer free set-up and design which would mean savings for the company.

Quantity-based Pricing

the more big name badges are ordered, the less the price is per name badge. This is the norm these days as the cost of production is lesser for large quantities of name badges ordered.