Birthday Badges

Name badges do not just belong to the working world, anymore. Private individuals also have events in their lives where a pre-printed ID badge would be lots of fun. In fact, that very idea is gaining in popularity. The event badges themselves become personal mementos afterwards for all who were invited.

Some situations to consider are:
• Birthdays for Children
• Birthdays for Teenagers
• Birthdays for Adults

Young children love colourful pin badges that bear their name or have the name of the activity, such as a birthday party, to which they have been invited. Name badges can be very helpful in making all of the party guests feel welcome, especially when not all the children may know each other. If the party games include dividing the children into teams, the badges can be ordered in even numbers of colours so that the teams are arranged before the children arrive. Pre-printed name badges eliminate the possibility of someone’s feelings being hurt because they were chosen last or having one team with a greater advantage than the other. As party favours, button badges or name badges can be printed with funny sayings or as first, second and third place for the winners of the party games. Some party games can only have one winner and a pin badge saying, “Best Balloon Popper!” or “Last Person Sitting!” for a game of musical chairs would be perfect.

Teenagers, though sometimes a bit less easy to please than younger children, will still have fun with party badges. Button badges printed with the name of the party theme or with a picture of the birthday boy or girl when they were an infant or toddler are great for breaking the ice and, at the same time, making everyone feel welcome. Just a word of advice: most teenagers are far too young to appreciate a cute picture of when they played in the bathtub or sat shirtless in a nappy!

Adult birthday celebrations have much more flexibility and room for imagination. Button badges bearing a favourite saying or – in large print – their name and date of birth, can be very festive and funny at the same time. A birthday with a theme, such as a tropical island or a Mexican fiesta can be augmented with name badges that have the name of the guest of honour’s favourite Hawaiian island or beach in the Mediterranean. The possibilities are endless.