Birthday Name Badges Occasion

Today is my birthday and can you guess what I want for my birthday? I know you will think this is weird but I really want name badges for my birthday. I can almost see eyebrows going up and mouths opening to say “ha?” I wish I can say I am just joking but really, I am not. I am having a party to celebrate my birthday and I want everybody to wear name badges.

Last year, when my guests arrived for the party, I asked them to wear the name badges I provided. It was a wonderful party and everybody was talking to each other. It was like they have known each other for years and no one was left out. It was even more fun when we started playing games. When the guests were grouped into teams, no time wasted on introductions and the team members were all at ease with each other. Everybody enjoyed the party especially the birthday celebrant, me.

The name badges I supplied to my guests are not difficult to make. I used a computer program to design the name badges and printed them on self-adhesive papers or commonly called stickers. When my guests arrived, the stickers were handed to them and they attached it to their clothing. It was not a formal party so they did not mind sticking the paper on their chest. It is also a good thing all my guests are heeded my requests. Because of the success of last year’s birthday party, I decided to use them always in my parties, not just for birthdays but for all occasions. I learned there are various types of name badges but I think the most suitable one for my needs are reusable name badges. They have windows where I can insert the names of my guests and they can be attached by magnets to the clothing. It is now easier for my guests to put them on. My guests can wear reusable name badges even in formal occasions because the magnets cannot damage their formal attires.

Today is my birthday and at the party we will be using the reusable name badges for the first time. I am excited to see how the guests will react to these name badges. The name badges have just arrived and I have already printed the names to be inserted. I have even designed the names with different fonts and colours. This is going to be another great party.

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