Birthday Name Badges

Have you ever been to a birthday party where you know everyone by name? I suppose this is possible in a small group but given 30 or more guests, it will be a challenge to be able to address everyone by their first names without a name tag. This is the reason why party organizers include birthday name badges on their checklist of “must-haves” along with the birthday cake, prizes, and party give-aways.

Regardless of how old you are going to turn on your birthday, it is of utmost importance that the party becomes a success.

For birthday parties with a very long guest list, the celebrant may not have enough time to mingle and introduce his guests and make them feel at ease. Birthday name badges are created for this specific purpose and are given to each guest the moment they arrive at the party. First-name calling among guests will be much easier if everyone will be wearing his or her name on a brilliantly designed birthday name badge. Wearing birthday name badges will not only make everyone feel comfortable sharing the same table, or being grouped together in party games, but will also pave the way in building friendships.

Often, a birthday name badge’s design is made to match the actual theme of the party. In the case of children’s costume parties, name badges can be designed to have prints of cute and colourful Disney Princesses, SpongeBob, Barbie, Tom and Jerry, etc. to match the balloons having the same print as well as the costumes of the guests.

A lot of birthday name badges to match all ages are available via the internet. An array of option is made available from the material that will be used for the actual name badge to a birthday name badge’s fittings. For party organizers who have very little time to prepare, a simple birthday name badge made of pewter with a pin attachment can be ordered from the internet and delivered within 3 to 5 days. In case of sophisticated adult parties where distinguished guests are expected, birthday name badges can take the form of stainless silver or brass with magnetic fittings for that classy look. These name badges are likewise available on the internet (with higher price of course!).

When ordering name badges online, one has to be careful in choosing a name badge supplier. If you have plenty of time, try to compare birthday name badge samples of different name badge suppliers. Most name badge suppliers will be happy to provide you with one especially if you have a lot to order. Remember that you have an option to go for custom name badges if the available selections or designs are not to your liking.

For people with very tight budget but still want to enjoy the benefit provided by birthday name badges in a party, colourful templates may be downloaded from websites that offer free name badge designs for various occasions.