Birthday Party Badges


Why wear name badges to a birthday party? Is it fun to wear birthday name badges? Do you wear birthday name badges only at a child’s party? Do adults wear birthday name badges?

Parties are fun especially if it is a birthday party. You will want to celebrate with everybody in your life; the people from the office, old schoolmates, neighbours, friends, families and relatives. Everyone will be there. Since your guests will be from different areas of your life, there will be people who do not know each other. Your officemates will not know your neighbours or your relatives may not know your former schoolmates. But you will want them to be comfortable with each other.

Name badges will help you celebrate your birthday. Birthday name badges are a great way to start a conversation. Name badges eliminate the awkwardness of introduction. You do not have think of a line or feel embarrassed to ask someone his name. Birthday name badges serves as an invitation to talk to one another.

The type of name badges you will want to use will depend on who are attending the party. If it is a child’s birthday party and the invitees are mostly children, you will want name badges that are safe and secure. It must not tear off easily in a child’s clothing and will not prick the child. In this case, simple home-made name badges will do the trick. Self-adhesive paper labels could be bought and the names can be handwritten or printed. Just peel off the paper label and stick it to the child’s clothing. It is harmless to the child even if he begins to run around the party. If the guests of the party are mostly grown-ups, a more classy and sophisticated name badges are required.

You can go for the reusable magnetic type of name badges with domed lens. A magnetic fastener is placed inside the shirt or blouse while a metal plate is placed outside. You can print on the paper inserts the name of the guests and a domed lens will cover it. The domed lens will give the name badge a smart appearance and the grown-ups will not mind wearing them.

Celebrating your birthday is great especially if everybody you know is attending. It will even be more fantastic if everyone is comfortable and talking with each other. Birthday name badges will create that atmosphere and your celebration will be a success.