Black Name Badges

What is your favorite color? Do you always buy things in your favorite color? A typical person does. But what if your favorite color is black, a color that is deemed to be not suited for one very important thing that you should own, which is a name badge, would you still make and wear a black badge for yourself and even encourage others to wear name badges too?

Come to think of it, black name badges may not be so bad. After all, black is the new primary color. We use black ink for formal writing, black shoes and black pants for formal wear. Black is actually seen everywhere. So, why not black  badges right? Is it because black  badges appear gloomy and aloof to people? That should not be a big problem.

There are many ways to make black name badges appear as attractive as pastel-colored name badges. Black name badges are elegant and sophisticated. It is very formal and gives out a very conventional and classic look. What you can do to minimize the formality and change the traditional style of  name badges is to produce badges that are either cut differently and asymmetrically or apply color and contrast to the black badges using brightly-colored images or neon-colored fonts for the printed information. Black can match and go well with any other light color so any light color that you choose will still make the  name badges pretty, trendy and chic. Surely, doing this would catch a great deal of attention not just from your clients (if you are in sales and marketing) but also from families, friends, partners and your other business or personal associates.

Another way to alter the dullness of  name badges is to dissolve the black hue a little on the background. In photo editing lingo, you may decrease the color’s transparency so the black  badges do not appear too solidly black. This will make your black name badges appear not too strong but also still not too casual. Probably by doing this to your black  badges, you will get more attention and encourage more dialogue among people in a given event or affair.

Black name badges are a unique alternative to your normal name badges. Regardless whether black is your favorite color or not, black is still beautiful.