Blank Badges

Are you using cheap and ineffective badges? Are you tired of having to order badges every day? Do you desire a practical and cost-effective way of providing name badges? If you answer a big yes to at least one or all of these questions, I suggest you read further. This article will tackle the many different options that you may want to consider in coming up with an effective, yet cost-effective name badge.

For companies with high attrition ratio, constantly providing name badges for new hire employees is both a challenge and a waste of resources. It is in these cases that blank name badges are found to be useful.

Blank badges are reusable badges. Unlike the typical name badge that is designed for an employee’s specific use, blank badges use inserts containing employee information. One of the many useful features of a blank badge is that when an employee leaves the company, the insert containing the employee details is taken out leaving the badge available for reuse.

Blank badges are not limited to providing employee identification. Blank badges, as you may have encountered, are also used in events such as seminars, conferences, trade shows, and many others.

There is no limit as to the number of times that a blank badge can be reused, thus, it is important that the material that makes a badge is durable.

Blank name badges could come in the form of an acrylic name badge, acetate name badge, or a window name badge and can be attached using different fixtures (traditional pins, magnets, and lanyard). Investing on any one of these blank name badges would not only help the company save money but also provides a good representation for its employees.

Blank badges may be cheaper than custom name badges but they need not be boring and unattractive. If you are wondering where to get these badges, you only need to search online to find a lot of companies offering blank name badges and even providing free layout and design.

Like custom name badges, blank name badges can be designed to have a company name and logo printed in full colour and similar to window name badges, have a transparent rectangular pane to display an employee name printed on a card insert. This particular design of a blank badge is often used in fast food, restaurants, and retail shops.

Blank badges have become popular as more companies go for practicality and cost-saving measures. For its many advantages, it may be a good idea to consider having a dozen or so blank badges in store to cover any name badge emergency.