Blank Name Badges

Having a handful of blank name badges would keep you away from name badge emergencies. As discussed in many articles on the internet, a name badge often referred to as a “name plate” serve a multitude of functions. Name badges not only represent a company employee, but also provide a lasting impression of a company or organization in general.

Blank name badges serve both personal and business uses. Most companies keep a number of them to provide identification to newly hired employees as well as to business partners and prospective clients who unexpectedly drops in for an important visit. In cases where company continuously hires due to a high employee turnover ratio, the use of blank name badges could be a most-cost effective solution as this type of name badge can be made simply by filling a name badge template and running it on a regular printer.

For business events such as trade shows, learning conventions, and product launches where the number of attendees are often unpredictable, blank name badges are often found to be the best solution. Hospitals, where hundreds of patients come and go on a daily basis, likewise employs the use of blank name badges as they are readily available and do not incur high printing costs.

There are countless reasons why many prefer the use of blank name badges than custom name badges. Aside from the fact that blank name badges are easy to use, they are the cheapest of all name badge options available. Blank name badges come in both paper and plastic forms and are usually attached using plastic pins.

Searching the internet for blank name badges will produce many sources that offer free name badge design templates that are readily downloadable. These blank name badge templates are often in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader.

Most companies prefer a custom look on their blank badges and would consider having their logo included in the design of the name badge template. This personalization on a name badge design provides consistent branding as well as a high-level of professionalism. Nowadays, a lot of internet sites offer blank name badge wizards that allows this customization of adding a personal photo, picture, or even a company logo in a name badge template. This would make sure that your blank name badges will continue to give you that winning edge on your customers.