What Is Cabin Crew Name Badges and How Does It Work?

Name badges, though sometimes disliked for its act of labeling, can’t be denied that they are necessary at events, companies, and other facilities full of strangers. There have been lots of disposable name badges made and sold over and over again because of its practicality. However, there are different types of badges, too. Some even have double purpose; like being an ID and a souvenir at the same time.

Other name badges differ in their use and purpose. These kinds of badge are usually permanent and can withstand months or even years. One of them is the cabin crew name badges. Have you traveled lately? Did you notice something about the staff and crew? Almost 90% of the world’s cabin crew, either in a plane or a ship, always wears their cabin crew name badges. There are some though that can’t be visible at first because of their jackets. These name badges are either pinned or worn through a lanyard.

Crew name badges are given to those employed in a travel company upon their first day or week of work. This serves as their identification card for passengers to distinguish them. This is a part of their uniform. Travel companies have made strategies all over the years and one item they realized that they must have are these name badges. Why? First, wearing cabin crew name badges can send positive vibes to travelers or passengers. Knowing who to call for help in times of emergency is always an assurance to a passenger. Next, crews wearing their name badges are perceived to be honest and polite. People can see honesty if the crew is not afraid even when someone knows their first name. Obnoxious crews usually hide their name tags for their own advantage. These crews are afraid of being reported to the management for their inappropriate acts. This is very important for first time travelers.

Crew name badges are made for several purposes; for identification, for authorization and for crew organization. Travel companies have seen its effect on their customer service ratings and crew mobility.

Crew name badges can either have true, short or pseudo name on it. It depends upon the travel company on how they create their crew name badges. Pseudonyms are used sometimes because of passengers’ rude behavior that is way past the normal talking conversation. Shortened names have the same purpose like the pseudonyms but with a little truth in it. For example, your name is Jane Doe; your crew name badge can be Jane D. or Doe, J. Crew name badges with true names is usually worn by higher ranking officials like the captain or pilot.