Chauffeur Name Badges

Car rental companies get an increase in their sales every time a luxury car is rented. It is undeniable that these cars are used when there is a grand event, a ceremonial program or any special occasion. People have become conscious on how they are perceived by others. What kind of clothes they wear or the phones they use and even the car they drive can make prejudices in minutes. Driving your own car may give you a sense of pride but every little thing is noticed. Moving around in a classy car with a uniformed chauffeur can make a confident and lasting impression.

With today’s social lifestyle, car companies give a special attention to luxury car rentals and its chauffeur. The chauffeurs are professionally trained by the company. They are given uniforms, seminars and drive tests. With their uniforms come their chauffeur name badges. It is expected that they wear to complete their overall appearance. These kinds of name badges are either metal engraved, embroidered or made out of vinyl plastic.

The metal engraved name badges are used by chauffeurs driving a limousine or a sedan. It has a glossy, cool and clean surface and very professional-looking. Most companies prefer this because of its quality and design.

Another kind of chauffeur name badges is those that are embroidered. This is a traditional way of naming fabric but is seldom used today because of the modern materials. The embroidered name badges, as the title goes, are already sewed on their uniforms already. This can cut some of the budget for their name badges, save the time and washable.

Lastly, the plastic name badges made from vinyl are also considered as chauffeur name badges. Modern car companies love this kind of name badge because it can be customized easily. From different shapes, colours, fasteners and logos, this type of chauffeur name badges can be both fun and professional. Plastic name badges can be digitally printed or screened printed. This depends on your name badge design. If you are promoting your company, it is recommended to put a full color logo beside the chauffeur’s name. This is usually worn for casual or regular working days.

Chauffeur name badges are available in the market today. Most printing companies can be seen online but if you are uncomfortable with the idea, there are several mall stores offering these name badges for a very cheap price. Ordering in bulk can give you a discount, too.