Cheap Badges

How much is a name badge? Is there a cheap badge? What is a name badge made of?

Name badges are now used everywhere, in the workplaces, stores, hospitals, restaurants and even parties. Many people are now recognizing the effectiveness of wearing a name badge. There are numerous reasons for wearing a name badge. But, whatever the reason, the name badge displays the name of the holder.

There are various types of name badges depending on its purpose. If it is for an elegant hotel, the name badge will be designed exclusively for the hotel made of expensive materials. This is to impress the customers. It would be durable because it will be worn daily. If it is for a company, the name badge will be made of reasonably priced and long lasting material since it will be used as an ID. Some companies even use it as means for their employees to log in by swiping it.

A party or an office function will only last for a few hours. It is not logical or practical to spend on an expensive name badge for a short time event. A cheap badge will do the trick. Cheap badges do not have to be bought. It could be made at home with minimal budget. Buy sheets of blank self-adhesive paper labels and a thick pen. Simply write the name on the paper, peel it off and stick it on the front of the clothing. This is how cheap badges are made.

Here’s another way to make cheap badges. Buy white card boards and clear plastic name badge holders. Cut the card boards into three by two inch and write the name on the card by hand, or if you wish, you can print or type the name on the card. Slide the card into the plastic name badge holder. Another cheap badge is made.

There are name badges that can be bought yet not expensive. It will depend on the material that will be used. The most commonly used material is plastic. There are plenty of size, colour and shape variations that can be created from plastic. Most companies avail of this material.

A name badge, whether cheap or expensive, will always accomplish its purpose. It will display the name of the holder for anyone to see. The effectiveness of a name badge will not diminish by the value of its cost.