Cheap Name Tags

Have you ever gone to an event where the organizer made you wear a cheap name tag? How do you feel having to attach it to your expensive and classy suit?

In events like product launches, conference and trade shows, where a huge number of attendees are expected, using cheap name tags may be a practical solution for organizers working on a tight budget. What the organizers did not know is that cheap name tags can give a bad impression that may work against a company’s reputation.

There is a plethora of businesses offering cheap name tags and they abound in both the yellow pages and the internet. There are even companies who offer free layouts and designs to attract more customers searching for cheap name tags. The price of a name tag varies according to the material used to make the tag. Commonly used materials for a name tag are PVC plastic, pewter or hard metal. Metal tags (i.e. brass, silver, aluminum, alloy, etc.) being the most reliable in terms of durability, are also the most expensive of all name tags.

Companies who invest very little on name badges often fall prey to businesses who offer cheap name tags. In this way, companies are deprived of positive lasting impressions that good quality name badges offer. Most often, the design on a cheap name tag easily fades as it is not printed using a high quality equipment.

Often, the colours used on a cheap name tag comes off and worst, leave a stain on one’s hand or shirt. There hardly is an option given to companies buying cheap name tags. Often, the name tags come with a traditional pin (which is the cheapest option available) for attachment.

Pins leave holes and may not be delightful to those wearing expensive suits. Buying cheap name tags may not be at all practical in most situations. Aside from the fact that cheap name tags are not reliable in terms of quality and design, they may not effectively represent the company.

A name tag often reflects the image of the company to its customers. Having a badly designed name tag may leave a really bad impression like poor taste as well as bad quality. In addition, an employee may not take pride in wearing a cheap name tag and may find reasons to avoid wearing the name tag altogether.