Children Name Badges

Have you ever gone to kindergarten and wore huge placards over your neck with your full name printed on it in big and bold letters? Well, you are not the only one who has experienced wearing this conventional and so outdated style of children name badges.

In this modern day and age when almost everything can be done using the computer and advanced technology, children name badges have also evolved from being primeval to contemporary. Today, children name badges are not just white background and ugly handwriting. Today, children name badges are ultra colourful and digitally printed in different fun and exciting children’s fonts.

An example of a modern children name badge is the new children’s school badge. This type of children name badge is usually worn with a colour-coded lanyard to determine the grade level of the child bearer. It is typically big but not too large to cover the child’s entire chest and normally contains important identity information such as the school’s name and logo, the child’s full name, grade level and section and the child’s home address at the back of the school badge. There is also oftentimes a portion that says who to notify in case an emergency has happened to the child while at school and when he or she is not with his or her parents. Since children are still very playful and are more likely to get lost when left on their own, this type of children name badge is very effective in locating lost children. Concerned people will be immediately notified once the child is found.

Another type of children name badge is the children’s party name badge. This type of children name badge, as its name suggests, is worn during children’s party or similar occasions and gatherings. Compared with the children’s school badge, this children name badge is quite casual and playful in style. It does not require the name and logo of the school where the child goes to nor does it have to contain the grade level and section of the child in school. This children name badge is designed to be creative and fun for the children to appreciate and enjoy. Images of the popular comic book superheroes and fairy tale princesses are usually the theme for this kind of children name badge but as children are becoming more exposed to media and computers, these images have also changed to Japanese anime characters, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. This children name badge may or may not contain the portion which says who to notify in case of an emergency; but for those parents who just want to be sure that their children are safe and secure, it is still an indispensable requirement.