Children’s Name Badges

Should children wear name badges? What type of name badges is best for children? Are children’s name badges safe?

Children are very active. They like to play and run around a lot. Children are naturally curious and if they see something new or unusual, they will immediately run to investigate it. They wander away from their adult companions and could possibly get lost. Children’s name badges or children’s badges could help identify the children. The name badges could not only contain the name of the child but also the name of the guardian or the parent. This information will lead to easy reunion with the parent.

In school or at a party, where there are plenty of children, the name badges will not only aid in identifying the children but also in taking charge of them. The teacher or host of the party can easily see the name of the children present to get their individual attention.

There are many factors to consider in choosing name badges for children. First of all is the safety of the child. The name badges should not inflict harm on the child. There should be no sharp edges that can pierce the child. The name badges should be so well designed that the children will want to wear one of them. The design of the badge should be so attractive and eye-catching that the child will be proud to wear the name badge. The name badges should also be durable. Children may forget to remove the name badges from their clothes and the badge might get caught in the washing machine.

With these factors in mind, there are a wide variety of name badges to choose from. If the name badges will be used in a party, stick-on name badges would be great. The design and name could be printed on any standard printer. The name badges will be stuck on the clothes of the children and since stickers are soft, they will be harmless to the child. This is advisable if the children’s name badges will only be used once.

For a more long term use, the name badges could be made of plastic or metal. Plastic name badges are less expensive than metal and can be designed in various colours. The children can enjoy the pretty patterns and will love wearing them. Metal name badges are more exclusive and elegant but they are more durable than plastic.

The method of attachment of the name badges is also important. Pins can stab the child and are difficult to put on the clothing. Magnetic name badges are highly recommended because these are harmless and easier to attach to the child’s shirt.

With children’s name badges, the child is easily recognizable and in safe hands. Name badges are part of the children’s protection.