Club Name Badges

If you are more than 25 years old and you are reading this article, let me ask you this question: How many affiliations, clubs or groups have you had or joined since you started kindergarten? Let me guess… Probably you have been a member of more or less ten clubs or organizations. And those ten clubs or organizations where you are a member, what do they all have in common? Any wild guess? Yes, that’s right. They all most likely have their own club name badges.

Club Name Badges are customized identification name tags for specific clubs and organizations. Other than identification and security as most name badges are supposed to function, club name badges are intended to encourage communication, socialization and dialogue among the club members especially during club meetings, events and social gatherings.

Club name badges are also worn to introduce and present yourself to people you do not know, regardless if it is a co-club member or an outsider during external, co-sponsored club activities. As I have mentioned earlier, club name badges are personalised name tags. They typically bear the club logo (if the club has one) and of course, the club or organization’s name.

Club Name Badge may also take the shape of the club’s logo or use the club’s official color for a more prominent look that is easy to associate and identify with the organization. Unlike military name badges or company name badges, club name badges normally do not include the position or designation of the club member. This is primarily because clubs elect and renew its set of officers every year, hence club positions and ranks are not at all permanent. If club name badges would indicate every member’s club title, the club would have to change club name badges every so often as their elections. This can be very costly especially if the organization solely depends on donations and solicitations and does not have its own fund.

The only club name badge that I know of that indicates the club member’s position are the club name badges of the Rotary Club International. It is a very large organization that once you have held a significant position, that position is still recognized throughout your years of membership in the organization.

In purchasing club name badges, some very important considerations are

1) the cost of the club name badge,

2) the quantity or volume of your order, and

3) the quality of the badges of your chosen supplier.

It is oftentimes wiser to order blank window name badges for cost efficiency. Club name badges need not be very expensive.

No matter what material you decide to use, as long as your club name badge are designed the way you want them, simple yet highly informative, then you can be assured that you have one of the best club name badges there could ever be.