Company Employee Name Badges

Employee name badges are among the “must-haves” for newly-hired employees. Serving as the ultimate symbol of affiliation to a company, employee name badges are expected to imply positive qualities that would give pride to their wearers.

Employee name badges have evolved from the old-fashioned cardboard to the now-sophisticated photo ID cards. With the advances in technology, employee name badges have been infused with various functionalities.

Nowadays, employee name badges are also used to record employee attendance, monitor employee whereabouts, and store access codes. Depending on a company’s requirement, employee name badges may be designed with a magnetic strip, a hologram, or a microchip, which adds security features to avoid duplication.

In most industries, an eye-catching employee name badge would be an advantage. This is often the case with people belonging in the sales and marketing industry where the staff interacts with customers. Having an attractive and professionally designed employee name badge would also be a plus to those who attended trade fairs and conferences as the badges themselves help promote the business where the employee works normally.

The Name Badge Company offers you only the best employee name badges. We make sure that each name badge is made only from high quality materials. You are assured that each employee name badge would withstand long use. Made with polyurethane coating, your employee name badge will remain scratch-free and immaculate. We print each employee name badge with care and use RGB and pantone colour matching to mirror a logo’s exact colour scheme.

Our customers are provided options which include the choice from 3 different shapes to 8 colour choices. We take aesthetic quality to heart and it is for this reason that we have our expert badge designer to help you in conceptualizing your employee name badges should this be your first time to acquire them, or if you simply like to update your employee name badge design. The cost is normally £30 but to show appreciation, we provide this design service free of charge.

We could provide you an artwork in as short as 24 hours! Most employee name badges come with cheap pin attachments that leave holes on fabrics. Unlike most companies, we do not charge extra for a magnetic attachment. In fact, we highly suggest using a magnetic attachment for each of your employee name badges as the magnetic attachments keep employees’ uniform neat. Contact us today for your free quote on employee name badges and enjoy bigger discounts on volume orders!