Company ID Badges

Whether through lay-offs, being fired or quitting, employee turnover percentages have become record-breaking. Businesses are in need of lower operating costs in every department.

Purchased in bulk, bespoke company name badges can be a relatively inexpensive investment. Productive companies in all sizes use company name badges. A higher than normal employee turnover can wreak havoc on a company’s P&L statement. Many large and small modern-day companies use company name badges. No matter what the cause, employee turnover percentages are at an all time high. Businesses are searching for every way to lower operating costs. Bespoke company name badges can be surprising source of savings.

Companies that buy name badges by the gross, actually save money. For one thing, they can be reused by other employees, depending on the design, which saves administrators money spent on repeat purchases. Another plus is that when the badges do wear out, they can be recycled. This will show the public a corporation that is ‘environmentally friendly.’

ID badges can be devised to represent company information specific to the employee or the department. They can visually separate employees by department, seniority and/or rank simply by the colour or shape of a name badge. Colourful or uniquely shaped name badges could also aid employees and employers in learning each other’s names quickly, helping to personalise the workplace.

New employees feel included in the group dynamic when they are expected to wear the same company name badges as everyone else in the work place. Company ID badges remind the individual that he or she is a necessary component of a team. They are more likely to take part in meetings and volunteer for projects. It signifies that their effort is vital to the success of the group.

Although no one likes to appear careless or irresponsible, items can be lost under the best of circumstances. When a bespoke plastic company name badge is lost, the cost to replace it is nominal and leaves the employee free to stress out over lots of other things.