Keeping Your Company Identification Badges Safe and Secured!

security name badges

With the advance of technology readily available nowadays, making copies of company id badges are becoming increasingly easy for crooks and untrustworthy employees. Modern scanners, photocopiers and unguarded access to your company supplies and equipment enable these people to reprint unauthorized copies of your company id badges. In order to protect your company assets and avoid fraudulent transactions entered with unwitting customers in your behalf, basic security guidelines must be implemented by your company.

Regardless of the size of your company, investing in basic security procedures will bring forth invaluable results. It is always cheaper to prevent rather than to resolve problems or face future lawsuits from clients who have been deceived. Simple steps such as keeping your supplies locked down after each use would normally stop novice crooks on their tracks. Make sure that the card printer, cards and ribbons are kept in a safe place where only authorised employees would have access to. Installing a software option where the card printer is monitored on the local area network will keep most disloyal employees from printing a company id badge.

Even color coding of the employee lanyards will help the Security Personnel distinguish high level access executives from junior and part time staff. Also, there are several features available from outsourced security card printing companies that maybe added to your company id badges depending on the level of security your company requires and the budgetary allocation you have.

Here are some of these basic features that may not be completely foolproof but nonetheless, increases the security of your company id cards:

Bar Codes:

This is a cheaper alternative where a high level of security is not necessary. It is traditionally used to keep track of employee entry and exit. However, this is easier to reproduce by seasoned crooks.

Magnetic Stripes:

The card uses a magnetic stripe where the information is stored similar to the technology used in producing audio tapes. This offers medium security.


Holograms cannot be reproduced using a color photocopier or using a mid range card printer. Both equipments cannot dispense ultra violet ink which is used to produce the holograms. Holograms are hot stamped to the cards and cannot be removed without the tampering being evident.

If high level of security is really needed, you may consider Watermark Magnetics (magnetic tape is encoded twice), Biometrics (fingerprint or iris scan) and Weigand (specially treated wire strands are embedded into the card).

I hope this article will give you ideas in beefing up your company security. Remember, the reproduction of company identification badge makes your company vulnerable not only to unauthorised access to your company property leading to theft but, makes your customers susceptible to fraudulent agreements. It is your responsibility not just to safeguard your company assets but the welfare of your customers as well.

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