Concept Badges

Have you exhausted every name badge manufacturer and supplier in your area and still have not found the right kind of name badge that you are looking for? Have you searched each and every name badge company website for name badge concepts, name badge designs and layouts but you are still not satisfied with what is currently available? Do you know or have you even decided what type of name badge do you really want to have in the first place?

Before you even dare look for other name badge makers outside of your area or search every inch and corner of the Internet for available name badge designs and materials, you have to have your own basic concept as to how you want your name badges to look like. You have to be able to determine the name badge concept that suits your preferences and your functional requirements in terms of colour, material or texture, size, appeal and usage.

One of the most common concepts used and applied to name badges is elegance. This concept is typical of the business sector especially in the professions of medicine, hotel and fine-dining restaurant services, and transportation (particularly airplanes and cruises). Name badges under the elegance concept are usually made of modern and highly durable materials such as stainless steel, brass or copper with fine engraved print using script and cursive fonts. They are oftentimes gold or silver plated for added lustre and to easily grab the attention of people. The elegance concept also requires name badges to use magnets as badge fasteners since lanyards and clips are shabby looking. Consistent with the concept, elegant name badges are also quite expensive to create and mass produce.

Another popular name badge concept is the luggage tag concept. This concept is primarily used for weddings and other formal events and functions. This concept is perfect for naming the seats of the guests or for placing the names of the guests on the tablecloth at the table. The luggage tag concept is becoming very popular now as a standard event accessory or requirement because it helps a lot in the organization and smooth flow of the event’s program.

If you are still dissatisfied with these suggestions, you can just try to make your own name badge concept that will fit all your criteria. You can create your customized name badge concept beginning with the size, shape, colour, material up to the content, printing method and type of badge fastener. Personalised name badge concepts are considered even more unique and priceless.