Conference Name Badge Design

Conferences can be small and intimate with less than 30 in attendance or they can be very large and last a week, attracting thousands. What do both sizes have in common? Nearly all make use of a plastic name badge. For those who are participating in the conference as speakers or representatives, the conference will assign a name badge identifying that person as an associate.

Those that arrive to attend the conference usually sign in at an entrance lobby or have already confirmed their appearance online or by mail. They are assigned ID badges which act as ‘tickets’ to conference activities and, just as important, will be a visible message to security personnel that they have been authorised to attend.

A conference name badge can be a multi-use instrument. Not only can a name badge identify the wearer as a paying and welcome participant, it can also be used to promote the name of the company with whom he or she is employed.

ID badges can be produced to reflect different companies, names, departments or products. Nearly every conference will hire security guards to help out in case of an emergency and plastic ID badges are as necessary an item as their uniforms. Business name badges are especially helpful when there are a large number of vendors’ tables displaying similar products.

A creatively designed company name badge is important. A great product may be remembered by a potential client, but ten or twelve tables past – who is to say your company would be remembered? An ID badge reproduced to look just like your company logo help cement a desire for your product over a less promoted company.

Besides a company name badge, another way to promote a company or specific product is to wear and give away pin buttons designed with a picture of the item you are selling.

A large conference gives you opportunity for the taking. Keep a large handful of these little button badges in your suit pocket or purse. Each person wearing one of your pin buttons will be seen by 75 to 100 people, easily. That’s a lot of free advertising for one little pin button!