Cool Badges

Looking for a cool giveaway? Try giving out cool badges! You might think it’s so common but don’t underestimate its capability to promote your business.

Cool badges are popular in any type of target market; from kids, teenagers and their parents. This is because cool badges can immediately attract a person’s attention without making too much effort. Think of it as an advertising tool disguised as cool badges. You might wonder, “How can a badge be cool?” Let me tell you this, cool badges have different unique and original designs. The cool badges’ design can be themed with your products. It is a customized badge especially made only for you. This means you are the only one with this specific design. People see it as cool because it is a new and different type of badges. In short, it does not only serve as an advertisement but can be worn as an accessory as well. Imagine how many people would wear it or pin it in their bags.

Cool badges are innovative ideas to draw attention to your products. Cool badges are customized and designed depending upon your preferences. There are different materials which you can use for your own cool badges. You can choose among the popular types; plastic pin badge, button badge, embroidered badge, enamel badge. Plastic pin badges can be made in various shapes and sizes.

The button badge is only in a circle shape, it is also pinned but the images are digitally printed in a special paper. This is the cheapest badges you can avail. You can opt for a shop logo and contact number written in it.

For a more permanent giveaway, most business owners would opt for an embroidered badge in a cap or towel. The enamel badges are often used in private clubs or elite organizations. This type of badge may be small but it is coveted by many. It is very durable and can last for years. Their badges are perceived as cool because of their exclusivity.

Most popular examples of cool badges are designed with logos, insignia, crests, coat of arms, bands in vector images, large texts, witty statements, a sports team name, popular stars and celebrities’ photos or simply those customized for loyal customers, members and so on.