How To Create A Name Badge

If you want to make a nice first impression, using a basic to create a name badge may not be such a bad idea. Name badges can create a natural ambience and prevent awkward situations. Introductions to strangers are crucial especially if you do not have any common friend. However, here are some tips to make a name badge that is unique and creative at the same time.

• Design
You must select a style that would suit the event that you would wear it to. You can also opt for a neutral name badge design if you want to wear it for another event. The design of a name badge is prone to be exaggerated by some people. The backgrounds and border frames are given more attention than the font and font size. So you must remember that name badges were made to introduce you ahead. Your name and your position must be visible at all times. Do not put all information in your name badge. You can put a symbol beside your name to let the people know which department you belong. For example, if you are a programmer, put a computer or mouse clipart beside your name. Use clean straight fonts rather than curly ones. Backgrounds or borders should be minimal. Always save a copy of the design in case you might lose a name badge.

• Size
The Create A Name Badge should not be too small or too huge. The basic size for a name badge is 3 inches by 4 inches but if you try to look at it from 10 meters away, it is barely readable. Most of the name badges used in conferences, seminars and important meetings serve as a souvenir but does not serve its first real purpose – to help you in meeting new people. Try increasing its size into 4 inches by 6 inches grid to make it legible. Your name should have the biggest font size among the information.

• Paper
The basic name badges are made of paper or boards. It is the most practical and cost-effective type of name badge. After designing and editing your name badge, print it in a perforated card stock, it is available in most office supplies shops. You can also print it in other special paper or board as long as it does not bend or tear easily. Laminate it for protection and anti-glare.

• Attachments
There are two options to choose from: lanyard or pins. These items can be bought in any school supply store. The only difference between lanyards and pins is that the lanyard is worn around the neck while pins are pinned to the left side of your chest. Both have a variety of colours so you can choose the one that could blend well in your name badge design motif. Use either of the two and wear your name badge proudly. Stand out by making your name badge visible. This way, people would know that they can approach you.