Crested Name Badges

A crest is a headpiece ornament used in heraldic display, called as it is because it was located at the top of the helmet. The crest was used during the ancient times. It was commonly designed as animals especially the lion, although there are other objects such as a human figure.

Each country has different styles and symbols used in their crests. However, the designs may be different but all of them serve as symbols of the clan or family reputation.

As the time went by, there has been a misconception about the crest and the coat of arms. Due to the Victorian stationeries’ engraving; people have incorrectly identify the crest as the coat of arms which means anyone can use it belonging to the same family name.

The engraving consists of a crest and name badge. This was custom-made for royalties and high society families as well as wealthy businessmen. A crested name badge is a form of introduction incorporating a graphic, symbol or logo with a name or title. It is customized for every customer so it is probably unique and rare.

Today, crested name badges are widely used anywhere in the world. From hospitals, religious organizations, industrial and corporate world, it can definitely attract attention. There are various types of crested name badges. The engraved name badges are the perfect examples of a crested name badge. With a precision for design, the crested name badges are engraved in applicable materials. A full color engraving is made possible by high end machines.

Succeeding the top our list is the crested name badges made from metal. The metals can be copper or brass. This usually depends upon the company and the client’s preference for the finished product. Moreover, the shape of the name badge can be customised to your desired form. Other than that, the finished product can opt to have an epoxy domed coating.

Another example of the crested name badges are the enamel name badges. The small name badges are said to be effective for brand recognition. This one is preferred by youth organizations and clothing companies because of its visibility. Thus, a crested name badge is made to last for a long time. Because of its materials, the name and crest will not fade easily.

Crested name badges are ordered in the badge companies in the local market as well as the virtual market. Name badge companies offer a great discount for bulk orders but accept retail orders, too.