Cruise Staff Name Badges

Why does cruise staff have to wear a name badge? Does the name badge have a purpose? If we can learn the duties and responsibilities of cruise staff, maybe we can answer the question accurately. A cruise staff is responsible for entertaining the passengers on board the ship while it’s out at sea.

A cruise usually takes a long period of time and passengers will be bored if they don’t have anything to do. While the ship is out at sea, the cruise staff ensures that the passengers have fun filled activities. The cruise staff hosts and participates in ship activities like bingo games, quizzes, arts and crafts. In some ships, the cruise staff may be asked to sing and dance in a show.

A cruise staff spends most of his time with the passengers. He assists them from the moment they board the ship until the cruise ends. He gives directions to and from the cabin and answers any questions the passenger might have. When the ship docks at a port, the cruise staff coordinates tour departures and tour counts. He gives passengers directions on/off the vessel in various ports the ship stops.

Since the cruise staff devotes a great deal of time with the passengers, it will help the passengers to remember his name. This is the reason why a cruise staff has to wear a name badge. Anywhere he goes about the ship, the passengers will know he is part of the ship’s crew. The name badge will also allow him to move throughout the ship. The cruise staff’s name badge lessens the apprehensions of a passenger. It is comfortable for a person to have a conversation if you already know their name. The name badge makes socializing easier and encourages passengers to be enthusiastic. The name badge also assures that the cruise staff is a qualified crew. The name badge guarantees that the holder of the badge has all the skills and virtues that a cruise staff must have.

A cruise staff is energetic, flexible and approachable. He should have good communication and customer service skills. Most of all, he is willing to travel. For an occupation dedicated to cater the personal needs of the passenger, the name badge will eliminate awkwardness on the part of the passenger to ask for assistance.

The name badge helps the passenger to know who to approach when he has a problem. Thus, the name badge aids the cruise staff to perform his duties remarkably.