Custom Name Badge

Custom name badges have many different uses. Although custom name badges are used to identify guests on certain occasions, they are likewise often designed for the purpose of marketing and advertisement. While companies award their top performing employees with custom name badges, many elite organizations and clubs provide custom name badges to their members. Regardless of where it is to be used, custom name badges are made to stand out as they are a lot more noticeable than run-off-the-mill badges.

In the acquisition of custom name badges, it is of primary importance to consider quality, durability, and aesthetic beauty. These characteristics must be inherent in every custom name badge.

Name Badge Company works hard and makes sure that each and every custom name badge produced leave the much sought after “lasting impression”. All our custom name badges come with a scratch resistant polyurethane coating to ensure an everyday professional look and with 8 different colour options, high quality printing is achieved through RGB printing and pantone colour matching. We offer flexibility in the design of your custom name badges. Choose among the 4 different shapes at which we can design your custom name badges.

Not sure of what you want for your custom name badges? Our expert, in-house designer will help you create an artwork for your custom name badge according to your specifications free and this will be available in as short as 24 hours! In this way, we let you save time trying to mess up with complex online badge maker. You also save £30 which is the actual cost of the artwork. We do not make our customers wait long for their name badge orders as we have set our dispatch times between 2-5 days depending on the volume.

No need to worry about incurring too much expense acquiring an eye-catching, durable and high-quality custom name badges. Our company understands your needs and it is why we give our customers offers that they cannot resist. Not really favouring pin attachments on custom name badges? At the Name Badge Company, we let you have magnetic fixings without the added cost. We welcome your order and we will throw in all these offers even for just a single custom name badge! To show our appreciation, we will give bigger discounts for volume orders of custom name badges. Call us today to know more about our many offers. Our able staff will be happy to assist you.