3 Steps How to Make Custom Name Badges

Who wants to wear a plain and boring name tag? Unleash your creativity and design your own. Stand out from the rest of the world by flaunting your very own custom-made name badge.

The first step in creating your own custom name badges is of course coming up with your own design. Visualize and imagine how you would like your custom name badge to look like and what material will it be made from. Get inspired by the many different name badge templates that are available on the Internet. Reinvent the various name badge selections that you come across with in malls, markets and from meeting with name badge suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. Get a hold of as many name badge designs as you can so you can explore all your options, mix and match different styles and be able to come up with a custom name badge design that suit your personality and is uniquely your own.

The second step in making your custom name badge is to gather and assemble all the materials that you need. Name badge materials are very diverse – from low-end paper and laminated board, mid-end acrylic and vinyl to high-end and more professional-looking metal and magnets. You can either choose one or combine two or more materials to produce your custom-made name badge design. You just have to consider the purpose of your custom name badge, the frequency of usage and the kind of work environment that it will be exposed to as different materials have different life-spans and durability.

The third and final step that you have to do is to print the wordings onto your custom name badge. You must decide on the wordings that you wish to include in your custom name badges as these will set the mood and tone of your badge. Do you want it casual and friendly? Or do you prefer a more formal and professional tone? What font would you like to use – cursive or block letters? After you have decided, you can now mark the wordings together with any graphic design (usually a company logo or insignia) you’re your custom name badge using stamping, thermal printing or engraving.

Making your custom-made name badge is as easy as those three steps. Just follow these steps and you’re on your way to stun the world with your hip and funky custom-made name badge!