Customer Service Name Badges

Wearing name badges has always been the source of argument between managers and staffs. Managers are having problems on how to make employees wear name badges. Employees, on the other hand, are questioning the importance of wearing name badges. The argument never seems to end. Managers should never get tired of stressing the significance of wearing name badges to his staffs. Especially in a service oriented company, name badges can spell the difference between a successful sale and a flop. In which case, he should lead his staff by example. What is the use of ordering his staff to wear name badges if the manager himself, does not wear one? By not wearing name badges, managers are saying that it is not important. He is saying to his staff that he is exempted from the rule and in effect, there is discrimination in the company.

The first and foremost beneficiary of wearing name badges is the customer. The primary aim of name badges is to make the customer feel at ease and comfortable in the premises. Name badges can gain the trust of the customers’ thereby ensuring a repeat of business. Suppliers and visitors also benefit from name badges. They can easily identify who are the employees and who are just visiting. Name badges eliminate confusion and save some people from awkward moments when they forgot the name of the person they are dealing with.

Employees should appreciate the role of name badges in their work. Name badges save them from continuously introducing themselves to customers. They are easily recognised and approached by customers. Name badges give them an air of professionalism and self-confidence. They should take pride in wearing name badges because it means they are representatives of the company. Managers and employees must agree that wearing name badges have many advantages. They must realise that everybody profits from this procedure. Employees can feel they are valued by the company and customers trust the employees. Wearing name badges can help increase sales thereby securing the stability of the company.

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