How to Design A Badge

Are you sick and tired of the different name badge designs that name badge manufacturers and suppliers show you? Do you want a unique name badge that only you and your organization have? Well, maybe it is high time that you design a badge on your own!

Customised and personalised name badge designs are not only unique but are also more colorful, creative, and practical as they are made to suit your tastes and functional requirements. If you are to design a badge for a club, an office or a business organization, your badges should be formal and professional in nature. The name badges may take a solid plain color, usually white or black, and printed with crisp and clear text using bold and non-cursive fonts. There are however several organizations that have strict guidelines on their name badge designs, which you have to observe and follow.

You may design a badge that is made of a durable material like hard plastic or metal. Since corporate name badges are used almost every day at work and are more exposed to harsh elements in the work place like heat, water, bumps and scratches, etc., you must design a badge that can withstand these damaging elements and last for a longer period of time.

You must also design a badge that can be reused over and over again to avoid recurring costs on new name tag purchases and name badge replacements. On the other hand, you must consider personality and preference when you design a badge for an individual.

Whether you intend to give it as a gift or it is requested from you by a friend or partner, individual name badges must be more personalised and customarily designed to reflect their distinctive qualities and traits.

You have to be imaginative if you are to design a badge that is eye-catching and awe-inspiring. For a bubbly and sunny personality, design a badge with bursts of yellow and orange colors. You may include sun and cloud images as well as other happy visuals that you can think of. For a more Goth and grungy look, design a badge with crooked edges and dark colors. Complement this appeal with a tinge of neon for added glare. This will grab attention to your otherwise dark and dull name badge. Just beware of mixing and matching too many different colors at the same time. A hodge-podge of a name badge can be very distracting instead of drawing in praises and compliments.

So, ladies and gentlemen, design a badge of your own now and stand out from the crowd. Promote yourself and your business with a name badge design that is ultimately yours.