Designing Name Badges

When you approach a person wearing a name badge, can you easily read his name? What about the other information like the name of the company and his job position, can it be deciphered from a distance? Does the logo on the name badge resemble the one being advertised? How about the proportion of the name badge to the built of the wearer? Is it too big or too small? Do the colours of the name badges render it incomprehensible? These are the factors to be considered when planning the layout of name badges. The layout will determine how it will be perceived by other people. What use can the name badges be if it cannot be read by the other person? Even though name badges are inexpensive, it is still a shame if it will just go to waste.

The colours to be used on the name badges should not be taken for granted. It is not true to just pick out the strong colours and coated them on the name badges. The effect might not be easy on the eyes and the other person has to squint to read. The colours should complement each other and still call attention to others. Bear in mind that metallic backgrounds can reflect lights therefore making the name badges unreadable.

When choosing the font style, select one that is not complicated and light on the eyes of the reader. The name of the person must be prominent and could be a bit larger than his job position. The font colours must be in contrast with the background colour. When you submit your artwork to the supplier’s layout artist, be sure to provide the artwork in high resolution for easy conceptualization. The layout artist can easily pinpoint what colours to use and the image on the name badges will resemble the real logo. The form and size of the logo should be studied when deciding the dimension of the name badges. When the design is elaborate, consider enlarging the measurement of the name badges so that the image of the logo will not be distorted. The shape of the logo can determine the form of the name badges. For example, a circular logo will fit more perfectly with an oval figure.

Defining the layout of the name badges can be quite a challenge and ought to be done thoughtfully. If people can read it must be the main concern of the designer because the effectiveness of the name badges depends on the perception of the public.

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