Differences of Domed Name Badges to Acrylic Name Badges

Tired of the usual paper, plastic or metal name badge? Why not try this one of a kind name tag that might bring back the luster and color in your environment and personality? It must be the perfect time for you to shift from wearing plain and boring name tags to using more sophisticated DOMED NAME BADGES.

Domed name badges, or raised labels as others may call it, are not as simple as your printed paper or acrylic name badges. They do not even come close to your engraved metal and magnetic name pins and buttons. Domed name badges are quite complicated works of art as they consist of different components bounded together to form a durable three-dimensional name tag. These components include 1) the dome, 2) the ink or color, 3) the material, 4) the adhesive, and 5) the liner.

The Dome is the top layer of the domed name badge. It is made of liquid polyurethane poured over the ink and material, and hardened over a period of time into a transparent and protective coating. This is what gives the domed name badge its elegant and sophisticated look and feel. This is what attracts individual customers and company clients to buy domed name badges for personal use, corporate identification cards or conference badges.

The second component of the domed name badge is the ink or color. Dome decals come in four colors and are printed digitally using spot or Pantone® colors. It is important that you request for a sample proof from your supplier to double check if your desired colors and the actual printed colors match.

In terms of material, domed name badges are usually made of the 2mil shiny silver chrome, 2mil brushed silver or 2mil white material. These materials come with their corresponding adhesives such as the 2 or 4mil acrylic permanent adhesive which is used to glue all domed name badge components together. These adhesives are versatile and of high quality. They show exceptional adhesion properties and serve as a hard-wearing initial fastener as they are able to stick together a wide range of metals and plastics.

The last but not the least of the domed name badge components, the liner holds your domed name badge flat. It shields the dome adhesive from damage until it is ready for use. Several types of liners may be used on your domed name badges such as a coated paper liner, a clear poly liner or a special curve liner that is applied to round surfaces and edges.

Regardless of the shape, size and color of your preferred name badge, it can be raised or embossed to come up with your customized domed name badge. So have fun designing your own domed name badges; and wow the world with your uniqueness and style!