Different Type of Name Badges

The selection of the best type of name badges is limitless. You can choose from an array of designs depending on the need that your business demands.

The first step in searching for a name badge is assessing whether you need a temporary or a more permanent one. Events like meetings basically need temporary name badges since these happenings occur in short periods of time. An appropriate badge to use is a window badge, it has an insert which is a printable material that can contain the name or important data, this insert is then placed into the window badge. You can also use another type of badge which is the label badge. This design makes use of a label maker. A specific type of machine prints a label and is applied into the badge. This type of design is suitable if inventory turnover is high and you are in a state of cost cutting. If you’re using a name badge everyday then a permanent badge with your name and logo is most fitting for you.

Environmental consideration and repeated use of a name badge should also be assessed to be able to determine how long the badge will last. A type of badge which does not require to be printed is an engraved badge. The color on the surface is scratched to see the real color of the area where your name and text design is located. These badges are good for business firms who use chemicals or expose them to elements in little amounts. They are also appropriate for daily use. A more elegant and sophisticated looking badge are metal badges which are commonly used in law offices as well as banks. Metal badges undergo etching and sublimation which are processes that make the badges sturdy enough. The process of sublimation begins when ink is smeared in paper, through heat it goes to the substrate. Since the ink has gone into sublimation, it will not break apart easily, except in the presence of a chemical material and scraping for constant use. Another Type of Name Badges printed in a digital machine is the PVC plastic. Thermal heat acts a  conductor to heat the text designs in the badge and turn it into quality material. This is used in a day to day basis. You can also utilize lower quality badges such as Silk screened and hot stamped molded badge. They are not recommended for permanent use but are only for fast turnover businesses.

Choosing the right kind of name badge requires a lot of consideration. Colour, cost, chips, barcodes and the design of the logo you’re going to make are all part of the concerns involved in the selection process. If you’ve already identified the needs of your business, you can consult your name badge manufacturer and seek help in choosing.

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