Different Types of Color In Modern Name Badges

Among the different colours in the colour wheel, blue is one of the most prominent hues used for the creation and design of modern name badges today. But why are blue name badges that popular among companies and individuals when they have other colour options? What is it with blue name badges that make them appear attractive and eye-catching to people?

When we say blue name badges, we refer to all types and shades of name badges. It can be royal blue name badges, powder blue name badges, navy blue name badges, baby blue name badges, etc. Blue may also not necessarily be the name badge’s background colour but the colour used to print the content or the font onto the name badges. So, in the course of this article, blue name badges may refer to any of these things.

Blue badges are commonly used in hospitals and clinics. This is because blue is a calming colour which is great for pacifying nervous patients. Blue name badges are also used in banks and financial institutions. This is because blue is also a colour that signifies strength of character and approachability. Blue name badges tend to communicate to the clients that their bank or financial institution is highly credible and can be trusted and relied upon.

Careers in the police force or military also sometimes carry blue as the colour of their name badges. Not only do blue name badges match their uniforms, blue name badges also represent intelligence, stability, unity and conservatism which are required for police officers and military men.

Blue name badges, as I have mentioned may take different shades of blue depending on the preference of the user and the requirements of the corporation or the job itself. Navy blue name badges complement careers related to water such as life guards, pool cleaners, etc. However, navy blue name badges may not be suited for cruise ship employees since the nature of their job is more formal and classy. Royal blue name badges, on the other hand, may be perfect for jobs involving fine-dining restaurants and hotels. Royal blue name badges connote richness, elegance and superiority which customers of fine-dining restaurants and hotels are most probably like.

Perhaps the simplest of all the uses and types of name badges would be the blue name badges tagged to male newborn babies. These blue name badges have set the tradition and belief that blue is the colour for male and pink is the colour for female.