Different Types Of Name Badges

Name badges have become not only an integral part of running a business but, of conducting numerous social activities. Employees are wearing name badges in meetings, conferences, trade shows and various company sponsored events in order to not only market their companies and services, but to advertise themselves as well. Regular folks attending parties, community events and charitable endeavors to name a few are also beginning to take advantage of using name badges to widen their network of friends and acquaintances.
Name badges are not only multipurpose, they are also available in different materials depending on the person’s budget and their intended use. Here is a quick guide to the kinds of name badges according to the material used:

Paper Name Badge
Paper name badges is a types of name badges that are  cheap and readily available. Although paper name badges are the easiest to make and can easily be printed at home or on the spot, they are not ideal for long use because they easily wear out.

Plastic Name Badge
The most commonly used plastic to make name badges is PVC. This type of name badge Plastic is the most popular material preferred by numerous companies and is used in most of our daily activities because of its versatility. Security features like bar codes and holograms are easily transferred onto a plastic name badge. Plastic name badges are durable, lightweight and ideal for everyday use.

Acrylic Name Badge
Acrylic name badge is types of name badges  can also be classified as a type of plastic name badge. Acrylic is a plastic material that resembles glass. It is lightweight but very durable. Acrylic is very pliable and can be easily manipulated into different shapes and sizes. Also, acrylic name badge gives a very high gloss finish. One drawback is its weight. Although it is lighter than glass, it is still heavier than other name badge materials.

Metal Name Badge
There are numerous types of name badges is  metal name badges  available in the market. Metal name badges are normally used for more formal working environments like law offices, first class hotels, banks, accounting offices, etc. The most common types of metal name badges being offered by majority of retailers are brass name badges, gold name badges and silver name badges. Although metal name badges may be pricier, they are durable and ideal if you want to create a professional and classy atmosphere to better impress your clientele and strengthen your company’s image.

Fabric Name Badge
Velcro and silk are popular materials used in making fabric name badges. A fabric name badge would usually contain an embroidered or digitized label and an adhesive making it easily attach to any type of clothing. Fabric name badges using Velcro as adhesive are very popular in the military. Fabric name badges using silk are gaining popularity in conferences.