Different Uses of Name Tags

Name tags make life simpler. Can you imagine yourself leaving your possession on a baggage counter and not being given a numbered tag? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if your identical canisters have tags that say “salt” and “sugar”? I can think of so many different uses for name tag.

When we were little name tag were those tiny colorful stickers that we fondly attach to almost everything that is given to us. Looking back, I remember putting a label or my personalized  tag on almost everything that I believe to be mine. This is normal as children in their early years are very possessive and having a name tag and being able to stick them on almost everything gives them pleasure.

When I started attending school, I realized the importance of using name tags. It is not simply meant to mark our belongings but also a way of caring for them. Having a name tag on a book that was lost enables the finder to return it to the owner. Most of us have been pleasured at one time or another by a lost item being found and returned back to us simply because it has a name tag.

A name tag is synonymous to a label. It is made to identify. A name tag as stated earlier has various uses. One other use for a name tag is labeling. When I got into cross-stitching as a hobby, I had varying shades of colored threads and their shades are so close that it’s very hard to tell them apart. To organize my threads, I purchased a box with multiple tiny drawers and assigned name tags to each drawer to identify the number or code for each shade of color. In a similar manner, office systems use name tags to help organize files.

Regardless of what business a company is in, there will always be a need for name tag holder. Using name tag in filing records make searching a breeze. Imagine having to find John Smith’s 201 file from a drawer containing hundreds of folders that has no identifying tags. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if there were name tags to help identify the specific group of folders where one can begin his search?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the use of name tags. Everywhere you go, name tag are in use. We may not be aware of all the uses of name tags but they’re definitely making life simple.