Digital Printed Name Badges

Name badges have made the identification of strangers easily. It saved a lot of awkward introductions and conversations in every conference, seminars and other events. As the technology develops, digital printed name badges have taken over to most of the corporate world as an identification or security card.

If you think about it, who would say no to its benefits? This kind of name badges is printed in full color exactly the way you designed it in your computer. Printing companies have different high end printers intended for full colors with the CMYK, RGB or Pantone formats. It is very customizable and professional looking. You can easily make a name badge that will reflect your business’ style and reputation.

The design should be clean and sleek; however, it depends entirely on your preference. Because of its freedom in colors, you can choose to put your logo with a background. Consider using bold straight fonts in the information. Choose fonts that are visible from a distance. Fancy fonts are not recommended in name badges because it seems rather unprofessional. It is better if you have a theme or a motif for your name badge design. The motif can base on your company logo. For example, your logo has three colours; you can pick one from them and use its lighter shades. Other than those things, a digitally printed name badge unconsciously promotes the company through its logo. It is imprinted in full colors on a glossy plastic. It can be attached by a standard pin or worn in the neck with a lanyard. You can be assured of its accuracy and quality.

Digital printed name badges are used as identification name badge, security name badge, and other related purposes. Because of its accuracy, business owners put a photo with necessary information in their employees name badges. This way, the customers may easily identify the staff and can immediately ask for assistance.

In some companies, digital printed name badges are used for security purposes. There is a bar code or a microchip inserted in the name badge. This is used in accessing restricted rooms, areas or buildings. It can also serve as a key card for some modern companies.

This name badges are available in the market and can be easily found. Most printing companies offer customization and discounts for bulk orders. Some of these high end companies can be found online and can even save your costs.