he importance of wearing a Doctor’s Badge

 When I was a child, there were only two types of people that I did not want to see – 1) the dentists and 2) the doctors. I absolutely detest going to dental clinics to have my teeth check up and going to the hospital for physical exams and vaccinations. Even with their all-white cloak and shoes ensemble, dentists and doctors looked like scary abominable snowmen for me. Now that I have all grown up, I realize that I probably would not be as frightened to death as before if I knew who they were. Perhaps my parents knew their names, but I did not. How was I supposed to feel at ease?

Here is where the importance of wearing a Doctors Badge comes in. A Doctors Badge is a form of identification for a patient to know who is treating them and a means for security for the hospital management to ensure the safety and welfare of its patients and the establishment. It is synonymous to a Doctors ID. However, I do not think that a Doctors Badge should look exactly the same as the Doctors ID that we see our doctors wear today. Why? Because they don’t really say anything that will appease a bothered patient’s heart and mind.

I think that a Doctors Badge should at least be comforting. An ordinary Doctors Badge is a plain PVC type card usually the size of an ATM card with text and a bar code for authorized access to secured rooms in the hospital. It is typically pinned on the chest or side pocket of a doctor’s robe. A Doctors Badge basically contains the surname followed by the first name of the doctor, his or her position in the hospital and his or her area of specialization. A normal Doctors Badge also includes a 1×1 inch photo of the doctor as well as bears the name, logo, address and telephone number of the medical institution where he or she works. There are also several cases where a Doctors Badge is patterned from a Nurses Badge. A Doctors Badge can sometimes be made of a metal name plate, coated with gold or silver for a more professional and formal appearance, and engraved with the hospital’s logo, the health symbol and the doctor’s full last name and first name initials. Regardless if it is made of PVC or coated metal, the traditional Doctors Badge looks stiff, cluttered and kind of intimidating – especially if the photo shows a pouting physician.

To change the perspective on Doctors Badges, I would like to suggest making Doctors Badges slightly bigger, two counts more colorful, with lesser text and with only the doctor’s nickname and position printed on the Doctors Badge. This will grab attention, initiate conversation and create harmony between the doctor and his or her patient. The point I am driving at is that, I would just like to make Doctors Badges a tool for dialogue; for it is only in dialogue that a patient can truly have his or her peace.